Burien Graffiti

One of our members, Karen, had a wonderful idea:  Organize teams of volunteer “painters” to go out and combat the amount of graffiti that’s appearing all over our town.

We’re going to begin by identifying “hot spots”, and build teams in each neighbourhood to address the vandalism.  We’ll reach out to affected private property owners to see if they need help.  We’ll also reach out to the city to get as much help form them as possible, i.e., paint, brushes, etc.

We’ve created a map that shows reported instances of Graffiti around Burien. We’re trying to make it as comprehensive as possible, so if you see any graffiti, please take a photo and send it to graffiti@localists.org

NOTE: Please don’t paint over or clean off any graffiti before you take a photo of it. The city and the police would like to track graffiti instances.

The city will handle the graffiti at businesses and city propery, so if you see some, please call Burien Code Compliance on 206-248-5507.  Here’s a link to their page: https://www.burienwa.gov/cms/one.aspx?portalId=11046019&pageId=12939335

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