The first issue that must be resolved is to minimize the water that is causing the erosion and slides on the hillside at the stairs. Per the Geo-Tech firm, Shannon & Wilson, hired by John W., the primary sources of water in the area is the collector drain pipe that dumps collected water from approx. nine block onto the east side of the park along 25th Ave. Their assessment, is the majority of the water flows underground, under the park’s parking area, an on toward the bank and the area of a large slide last year. [ADD John’s drainage Slide Here]The city has discussed the possibility of running a continuous (tightline) pipe from the outlet then under the trail and then out onto the park. This would cause local erosion and direct more water to the area of the stairs. The better solution would be continuing the tightline to the drain manhole that is below the park, on the land owned by the Seahurst Community Club. The city was not behind this approach, as they could not get an easement through theClub’s property. Joel Miller the new president of the Club was at the meeting and said getting such an easement would be very doable and would help make it happen.


John White, who owned and operated a construction and pile driving company (American Piledriving Equipment (APE)), has reached out to professionals in the industry and come up with some really fresh ideas on how to fix this problem. First among them is to install large helical drive pilings adjacent to the existing piers that are currently in jeopardy. These would be driven down into the clay layer using portable tooling, with minimal impact to the surrounding area. John states that APE would be willing to provide their services for this work free of charge, greatly reducing the cost of this option. (Note: Just after the meeting ended, it was learned the City of Burien had an item on the budget for reconfiguration of the Eagle Landing stair. It is believed this would be for removal of several more of the lower piers and installing a viewing platform on the lowest remaining pier. This would significantly shorten the stairway and would not allow access to the beach. More investigation is needed to understand the validly of this item.)

The following actions were agreed on to start the ball rolling:

  1. Meeting with Burien Public Works Director, Maiya Andrews, to discuss potential park drainage solutions. –Rob Halpin & Charlie Perkins
  2. Contact Burien Parks Dept. to determine type of documentation needed from Seahurst Community Clubmembers, giving authorization for easement to connect a new tightline drain through park into existing drain system manhole/diffuser (Joel Miller & Charlie Perkins)
  3. At an upcoming Burien City Council meeting, provide a brief summary of the issue and community interest in addressing the drainage issue and the existing stairs. (Target dates are April 2nd or 16th) (XX)
  4. Obtain signatures from Seahurst Community Club members as necessary from item 2) to support drain line easement. (Joel Miller)
  5. Continue discussion with APE contacts on offer to install helical piles to retrofit remaining piers that require additional support (John White)