Barrier Breakers (Spanish Speakers Social)

Spanish is a useful language:  It’s spoken in over 20 countries; you can listen to and understand a variety of new media sources; and, perhaps most importantly, you can better connect with the Spanish-speaking people in your community.

The idea is simple: Match people whoes native language is Spanish with people that use English as their primary language, and encourage them to get together over a beer, coffee, dinner, etc.  English speakers learn Spanish, and Spanish speakers lean English. Exchange culture and make new friends. Sounds okay, right?

This project is just starting out, so keep an eye on this page for updates as we develop the program, or you can just go ahead and join our Facebook group :

If you’d like to take part in this project or have any questions, please get in touch:

We speak Spanish, too, so don’t let language-barriers stop you from getting in touch.

Feel free to print and post our flyer :